Don’t Use My Taxes on Welfare for Wealthy

Don’t Use My Taxes on Welfare for Wealthy

Letter to the Editor:
As a middle class American, I willingly pay my taxes. Atlthough I have no children and no car, I want my tax dollars to support the education of children and to support road maintenance in America.

Tax is an income re-distribution mechanism, and I support it when it supports providing what is considered basic human rights in developed countries, that is health, education, and yes, the welfare of not only its citizens but its residents.

But there is no justification for continuing to use our tax dollars as a welfare system for the weathly. The 47% remark has been endlessly reiterated, but when will someone take offense at the inhuman statement that “some people think they have the right to food” – to food!

C’mon, we’re Americans, we’re a great country, one that cares about our neighbors, that adopts orphans and raises them like our own children. Yes, I believe everyone living in my country, citizen or nor, has the right to food.

Nancy L. Sloan

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