Everybody Face It: Obama is the Problem

Everybody Face It: Obama is the Problem

To the Editor:

The only problem in the world today is Obama. How can a guy repeatedly go on TV and criticize Syria for killing 400 children with chemical weapons while he has been practicing the same thing for years:
•Obama has and still is for the killing of unborn and living children (out of the womb) since his former days in Chicago. And, is not RU 486 a chemical weapon?

• Obama is someone who had God voted out of his Democratic convention.
• Obama has sacrilegiously “praised” Planned Parenthood, thanking of all people—God—Who is the Author of all living things.
• I never thought I would see the day when Valerie (muscle-hesd) Putin, a former
KGB thug, would have more respect than a U.S. President.

Dan M.,
Columbus, OH

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