Meet the Real Traitors: U.S. Officials, Not Snowden

Meet the Real Traitors: U.S. Officials, Not Snowden

Note: This letter is in response to: Snowden is a Traitor Like the Rosenbergs

To the Editor:
If all Edward Snowden did was to inform the American People about the criminal activities of the government that makes his a hero.

Media Bias Goes Both Ways
Media Bias Goes Both Ways

Why would the government want to secretly, unlawfully listen in on honest law abiding American citizen telephone calls? Are these Government official sexual perverts? Have these government official been psychologically tested for their sexual proclivities? People that are caught peeping into other people windows or unlawfully tapping someone phone are arrested. Why are these Government official not arrested for these crimes.

Personally, I can not see how these documents Edward Snowden got his hands on, can be called TOP SECRETS if these documents should not have existed in the first place. If there is no lawful foundation for these documents how can they exist? How can Edward Snowden be charged as a traitor? All Edward Snowden seems to be doing is revealing the criminal activities of the Government. George Bush has shown America that we are a nation without laws

I truly believe that it is the government officials that created these documents that are traitors and should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

William John Meegan
Syracuse, New York

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