Will Democrats Ever Take Some Responsibility?

Will Democrats Ever Take Some Responsibility?

Note: This letter is in response to Hey Republicans, We’re Wise to You

To the Editor:
How quickly one forgets that is was the Democrats (good ole Barney Frank, being the leader of the pack) pushing for every person under the sun to apply for a loan. Just watch some of the old C-SPAN videos where the Republicans kept warning of the future failures of Freddy and Fannie.

But I am sure you will try to lay blame on Bush. Typical biased memory of our American Democrat.
I am not claiming the problem was strictly the result of the Democrats but they certainly have more feet in the fire than the Republicans do.
My biggest complaint is how Democrats always have an excuse. The Obama administration had a super majority for the first two years and could not even pass a budget; certainly this too is the fault of the Republicans. Just amazing how inept you guys really are.
You and the rest of the Socialist Democrats are ruining our country and I feel the majority of the population has had enough. When will Democrats step up and take responsibility rather than attacking those who do not agree with them?

John Slocum
San Diego, Ca

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