Total Bias: 20 Years for Warning Shot?

Total Bias: 20 Years for Warning Shot?

To the Editor:
Spoiler alert – I’m caucasion, born in southwest Virginia. It doesn’t get much more “deep-South” than that.

marissaRegarding the Marissa Alexander case, in which a woman was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot: Don’t you think – if you’re a fair minded person – that the jury, yes, the jury, was somewhat biased, in their thought process, convicting Ms Alexander, in the first place?

Also, this judge, biased as well, whether you are aware, or not, had the option of overturning the jury’s verdict, with a number of options, at his disposal.

We still live in a male-oriented hierarchy society. There is no better evidence of this than than, a man on the bench, a throwback to the old ways of treating women, just one of the incorrect ways we treat women in society, still, to this day.

This man was very fortunate, Marissa did have her wits about her and didn’t point that gun in another direction.

David M Childress
Palm Harbor, Florida

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