Hey USC: Time for Haden to Go

Hey USC: Time for Haden to Go

To the Editor:
USC needs to fire Pat Hayden. The man has no class. He doesn’t understand the quality of coach Orgeron.

Coach OrgeronI will no longer be a USC football fan because of the despicable behavior of Pat Hayden. Coach O did take a mid season job and performed very well. Hayden gives Orgeron no preseason prep time, scholarship limits, team personnel limits, and asks him to compete in the toughest conference in the country.

Hayden gives the job to Sark who has stalled at 5-4 in the conference for the past 4 years. Given an equal scholarship status, Coach O would beat Sark hands down. Hayden continues to hurt USC in recruiting and personnel management.

Mike T.
Rolling Hills Estates Ca.

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