Get Sandy Hook Killer Off Page One

Get Sandy Hook Killer Off Page One

To the Editor:

NewsI was dismayed to, once again, see the photograph and name of the Sandy Hook mass murderer printed on the front page of USA Today. Few will ever know the names or faces of the victims, but USA Today, and the rest of our media outlets, will make sure that the names of the killers live on.

How hard is it to print, “It was one year ago that a disturbed youth murdered….” instead of continuously reminding us of the names of the sick killers. And if you don’t think that plays a part in the motivation of some of these twisted psychopaths, I believe that you are wrong. How many youths have planned some sort of Columbine-style massacre memorializing the names of the two young Colorado killers, or hoping for the same kind of infamy?

See, like that. We don’t need to read their names.

I can’t imagine the pain I would have felt seeing the photo of the Sandy Hook killer on the front page had my kindergartener been one of his victims.

Show some restraint, let their names and faces be forever removed from our sight. If you want to mention names, memorialize the victims and the heroes.

Ted M.
Virginia Beach, VA

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