Youngsters: Heed all Those Pearl Harbor Stories

Youngsters: Heed all Those Pearl Harbor Stories

To the Editor:
Pearl Harbor has been locked in my memory since that day as a 4-year-old I went sliding on our old wood floor in Multnomah, driving huge splinters under a knee cap.
My mother was terrified we might get shelled again, as we had previously on the coast. And there I was needing medical care which was hard to find on that day.

Besides our doctor, locating an anesthetist was the major challenge. Now luckily I just have fading scars from that day.

In comparison just a minor incident compared to the terror rained down on that December 7th before so many Americans now living were even born.

We need to hear more stories from men and women who survived or witnessed the bombing by the Japanese on that day while they are still with us.

Fran S.
Beaverton OR

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