Southern California Should Desalinate Its Own Water

Southern California Should Desalinate Its Own Water

To The Editor:

Jerry Brown and our leaders in Sacramento need to consider desalination plants for Southern California. Draining Northern California to transport water to So. Cal is costly and more importantly will have a negative effect on the environment, tourism and recreation in No. Cal.


The argument for desalination has revolved around cost, but according to statistics that I have read, new technologies have reduced the cost dramatically so they are now comparable or less than the cost of bottled water.
What should be obvious is that So. Cal. (as well as most of Cal), is really a desert and with yearly rainfall declining and unpredictable, it would seem that constructing desalination plants would be cost efficient in the long run. So Cal. is growing and another fix besides tunnels would soon be needed. If rain and snowfall continue to become scarce in No Cal., might these costly tunnels become inadequate?

Desalination may be a new idea to some, but many countries successfully obtain their fresh water from such plants. There are plants in Aruba, Australia, Chile, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and the UK (see Wikipedia).

California may see itself as a world leader, but on this issue, our leaders seem to be putting a costly bandage on a problem, rather than looking for permanent solutions for the future. The goal should be to keep Northern California wet and green and drought-proof Southern California with desalination plants.

Joan R.
Sonoma, CA

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