Next Up for Congress’ Broken Promises: Immigration

Next Up for Congress’ Broken Promises: Immigration

To the Editor:

When Congress was debating Obamacare in 2009, we heard a lot of promises from Members of Congress about what the bill would Capitoldo. Congress routinely promised us that Obamacare would provide universal health care coverage, while simultaneously creating jobs, benefitting the economy, and driving the cost of health insurance down.

They further promised that if we liked our health insurance or our doctors, we could definitely keep them. The reality has been a stark contrast to those hollow promises that Congress made a few years ago. We have learned since then that we will not achieve anything close to universal coverage. And the “budget neutral” bill will, in fact, add $1.7 trillion dollars to the deficit.

After failing to deliver on any of those Obamacare promises, Congress is now coming to us again with a lot of empty promises – this time on the issue of amnesty. But can we trust our Members of Congress?

During the discussion about S. 744, the amnesty bill, Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have made really big promises. They are promising that we will achieve border security before we give amnesty to any of the 11.5 million illegal residents in the country, but they are very fuzzy on the details of when, how, or even if they will require a fence to be built.

They are promising that this bill will have a positive impact on the economy, but, again, they are being very vague and not providing answers to any of our cost-analysis questions. We need to remind our representative in Washington, (insert full name of your U.S. Representative) that the government works for us, and we demand more than empty promises this time around.

Marg McCausland

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