No Excuse for Poor Review of Bronze Exhibit

No Excuse for Poor Review of Bronze Exhibit

To the Editor:

I was extremely disappointed by Ken Johnson’s December 20 New York Times review of the Western Bronze exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Johnson did not deal with the aesthetic qualities of the individual bronzes, nor did he give attention to why the Met would expend its curatorial energy, space, and resources on a show he considers “kitsch”.

I trust the NYT to provide an even-handed and intelligent assessment of art matters. I have seen the exhibition—it is an excellent scholarly evaluation of bronzes produced between 1850 and 1930—-a subject important in American art and American history.

There is a sensitive selection and range of interpretations of this iconic subject matter. Johnson’s review unfairly throws a negative light on a significant exhibition.

Ann Scarlett Daley
Denver, Colorado

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