Israel: The Victim of Obama’s Antisemitism

It saddens my heart to know that America, as a nation, no longer stands with Israel.

To the Editor:

I watch, listen and see the sitting president of America expressing his clearly apparent antisemitism in many and diverse ways. It saddens my heart to know that America, as a nation, no longer stands with Israel. Leastwise the resident on Pennsylvania Avenue doesn’t. He never did I don’t believe, he just acted as though he was for the Jewish people so that he’d get Jewish money and many Jewish votes from those who live in America.

You know, all racism is evil, but there is something different and more insidious about antisemitism.

Hatred of the Jewish people has a long and abhorrent history with demonic roots. A man by the name of Edward H. Flannery wrote, “Antisemitism is the longest and deepest hatred of all human history.”

It saddens my heart to know that America, as a nation, no longer stands with Israel.

Why has there been such widespread Jew hatred throughout history and why have the Jewish people been singled out? I believe that the reason is theological.! To put it simply, antisemitism is the most critical arena of spiritual warfare there is.

The Bible is clear: GOD loves both Israel and the Jewish people. (Deuteronomy 7:6-9; Jeremiah 31:3; Romans 11:2,29).

Antisemitism has one root cause — Satan. Israel plays a crucial role in GOD’s redemptive plan for the world. Therefore, Satan seeks to thwart GOD’s plan by concentrating his efforts on destroying the Jewish people by any means that he can. In the long ago past it was by a Persian deceiver named Haman. And later the Jewish Holocaust at the hands of the German madman Adolph Hitler. Today it’s by the myriad of want to be annihilators of Israel and America, i.e. Iran and Islam in any and all forms.

People want and long for peace but peace will not truly come until the Prince of Peace returns and GOD sets all things at His feet. Yes, when Jesus returns then all the world will know that He is indeed the Messiah and the Savior of all mankind who will accep! t the Grace of GOD through faith in His Son.

Please join with me in praying for Israel because there’s only a small window of time before they start getting heavily bombarded again by the missiles and bombs of their, and America’s, enemy. And they will have to defensively respond again to those who continually attack Israel and the Jewish people. Israel is not the villain in this scenario but rather the “victim”, as it were.

But you know what? They have Yahweh on their side working miracles in their midst so really? He’s all they need.

Susan R.
Danville, Va.

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