Sanders: Bag Man of the People

Do we really want a President carrying his or her own stuff?

We love candidates that shake up the summer tedium more than the next, but CNN’s Dan Merica’s shot of Bernie Sanders carrying his own bag through the Cedar Rapids airport had us wondering: Does this photo help or hurt win the undecideds?Sandcers_tweet

It’s refreshing, on-brand and decidedly anti-Hillary; and certainly not a Dukakis moment, but is it also not “Presidential.” Seriously, in the end, do we really want a President that carries his or her own stuff?

Disclosure: Some of us get flashbacks of President Carter turning down the heat in the White House and wearing a sweater back in the day. Maybe that time has come again, but please say it’s not so.

Undoubtedly, the pablum of Buzzfeed-esque commentary that passes this day will likely focus on his questionable luggage choices — ugh. Onward.

Love it or hate it? Let the nation know what you think. 

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