Thanks to the Meuse, Dr. Seuss

To the Editor:
On Discovering “What Pet Should I Get?”

Was it really in a box?
Behind the sheets, under the socks?
I do not think it very fair
That Dr. Seuss just left it there.

He, should not , would not, have done that
While writing books like “Cat In Hat”
Or Grinches waiting just for Christmist
And crossing out a small Who’s wishlist.

Good boys and girls should always get
The best of every wish—a pet!

I’d offer thanks for any kind
A red fish, blue fish– never mind!
You talk to them, they talk to you,
They make you smile through and through.

But most of all I’d thank the Meuse
That turned Theodore to Dr. Seuss.

Brendan Herlihy

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