Shame on Arkansas for Shutting Down Services

We have such a wonderful community…what a shame.

To the Editor:

The Arkansas Department of Health announced it will begin the process of shutting down their In-Home Services Department (Home Health).
ADH Home Health has been a “safety net” in our community for the elderly, young mothers/infants, and patients with no source of payment. Our community has several excellent Private Sector Home Health Agencies. Private Home Health Agencies must be profit based to exist.

Accepting referrals for patients with a good source of payment, insurance plans that pay for services and pay in a timely manner, and/or patients that live closer to town is necessary. But many patients in our community do not have a source of payment let alone an efficient insurance plan and live many miles out of town.

Private Sector Home Health Agencies do their best to give service to ALL but they cannot accept all the many patients that fall into the latter category and have their businesses survive. Many of these patients are referred to the “safety net” of the Department of Health In-Home Services.

We have such a wonderful community…what a shame.

Deborah Phillippe, MSN, RN
Mountain Home, AR

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