Omar Mateen, Islamist or Narcissist ?

I seem to have a different take on Omar Mateen than what I have seen and read.

I see him not at all as a “radicalized Islamist” but as a “frustrated narcissist”. My very first impressions of the man were based on his cell phone selfies. I thought he looked like someone who was very much taken with himself. He was a handsome fella, but as more has come out I have come to believe that my first impression told far more about him than has been recognized.

I believe his entire focus was on having people adore him. It’s pretty obvious that he adored himself, and as people who knew him have spoken out, it appears that he had a difficult time relating. I sense that he was probably not the sort of person who made friends as to be his friend would require the sort of fawning that no-one was willing to commit to. I sense that he considered himself better than just about anyone he knew and became frustrated that he wasn’t accorded the respect he deserved. Bear in mind, just the love of a wife and child, of his parents, would not satisfy his overwhelming need for adoration.

I would speculate that he was not gay. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’d had homosexual encounters , but I don’t think he was actually gay. I think rather that he did indeed despise gays and considered them a very low form of human, but he used them in an effort to feed his need for adoration. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that at one time or another he had been hit on by a man, and the feeling of being wanted fed his sickness and became something he sought out, leading to his frequent visits to the club where he later committed mass murder.
I think also that ultimately the gay men who approached him were repulsed by his demeanor as it seems most people he met were.

I certainly don’t know, and perhaps he himself didn’t really comprehend what forces drove him to his ultimate crime, but can only speculate that being unable to secure the adoration of even what he considered the lowest of life forms may have driven him to it.

I believe he entered the club with the intention of murdering as many as he could, of demanding of these people the respect and fear he would take in place of the adoration they should have given. I think the darkness in his soul showed through and that once he began murdering, he reveled in the fear of his victims and probably stayed at it longer than he planned, long enough for Police to respond in force. I think he intended to walk out alive, based on the fact that he dialed 911 twice, changed his mind and hung up  before the operator called his number back. When he realized his situation was hopeless and he would soon die, I think he played the last card in his hand, the one which would ensure that he was honored by someone, even though the honor would come from the most dishonorable of all groups. He played his Islamic Martyr card. He showed complete contempt for his young son and his parents who will forever wear his shame, his lust for adoration overwhelmed any respect for even his family.

I don’t think ISIS knew anything of this man, but were only too happy to take credit. It’s a sad tale with no silver lining, but not just another “radicalized Islamic”. Just a plain ol’ home grown nut.

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