Diversity what does it mean?

Story about Blacks in the Olympics NY Times & USA Today

This is what I Think!!

Your paper should be called Trumper’s Times obsessed in black and white issues, yes blacks have been discriminated against and no one is taking away from their suffering but my people are still enslaved and are still in the fields, in the sweat shops and being raped and murdered at the border. Our problems have gone on for just as long as blacks and continue today it’s a different world for Blacks today but not for us. Its institutions like the Black / White Times, NPR, USA Today and other media outlets that engage in side lining and not reporting Hispanic issues that is, just as races as Trump. You have always hated us just as much as black but the only difference is that your scared of blacks. If you’re talking about diversity why out of 555 athletes were there less than ten Hispanic players, that’s not representative of our diversity, give me a break. What it does reflect is racism a lack of opportunities for young Hispanics to even compete what you actually wrote was that only Black diversity matter, another nail in the wall of racism.



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