Time to Act

Time to Act

Two things the Democrats should have learned because of the Georgia election is they cannot buy an election. After spending 46 million and outspending the Republicans 7 to 1 in Georgia they lost. The Second thing is that the voters are not stupid.

The voters are voting on issues, ignoring the misleading media and liberals. Even some Liberals are tired of all the obstruction in DC and just want the country to move forward. The message is quite clear, we support the promises made by the President and at this point all Republicans better put aside their differences and concentrate on keeping those promises. They may have voter support today but if they fail to honor that vote they will pay the price. They have only one chance to do the just and honorable thing, to fulfill the will of the people.

Considering all the opposition the President has from the media, Democrats, Republicans and the Washington beauracy it is essential we have a unified Republican Congress in order to move this country forward. Sorry to say we can’t rely on the Democrats so it’s up to the Republicans, and us.

Those of us wanting to move the country forward have done some great work, but it’s not done yet. Now is the time to assure the Republicans are supporting the Presidents agenda. Do a computer search for Congressional members and you will have a complete list of everyone’s name. Then do a search for Congressional Tweets, they all pay attention to their Tweets. Once there you can enter their name and the tweet will pop up. A simple message is most effective such as “I urge you to support the President, the voters will remember those who fail to do so”.

This is essential; I cannot stress enough how important t is to contact as many Republicans as possible with this message. Together we can repair a lot of the damage done to our country in the past years. Together we can fight for a better and honorable government, one that listens to the will of the people, one that is efficient, streamlined and effective, but it must be done NOW.

Frank D. Lovell
Inverness, FL

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