Block the Kamikaze attack in the Senate

The Senate version of Trump Care is even meaner and uglier than the House version was. Mitch McConnell, the chief henchman in the Senate for the Trump administration, made sure that the crafting of the Senate version was done behind carefully guarded, closed doors. These doors were closed even to the Republican Senators who are now expected to lock-step (some might even call it goose step) vote this disastrous proposal into law.
Residents of Michigan are fortunate to have elected two Senators who won’t vote for the measure, nor will any other Democrats in the Senate. We applaud their steadfast support for health care that is affordable and accessible for all Americans. But, if all the Republican Senators toe the party line, millions of Americans will either lose their health insurance or scrape to pay outrageous premiums so insurance companies can realize higher profits and the taxes for the very wealthy can be cut.
We in Michigan need to protest this injustice too, but we have learned that protesting to elected officials in other States is a waste of time and effort. Elected officials only care about the opinions of the voters who can put them in or out of office. So what can we in Michigan do to get the ear of Republican Senators in other states? We have an idea we’d like to share with all of you, who are also feeling politically impotent right now. It is less direct than challenging Senators at a town hall meeting or via email or phone calls, but we think it is a strategy that may be more effective. We intend to contact our relatives and friends who live in States that have one or more Republican Senators. We will to urge them to contact their state Senator(s) to express their opposition to this legislation. It may seem like an insignificant action, but if all of us contacted the people we personally know in other States to urge them to contact their state Senators, as well as to use social media to broadcast their objections, the impact of what can become a tidal wave of opposition can’t be ignored. This is what democracy looks like.
If Republicans lose the votes of just two members of their 52-senator caucus they won’t be able to pass this proposal for repeal and replacement of Obama Care. At least 4 Republican Senators have publicly expressed concerns about the draft legislation already. No doubt there are other Senators still in the closet who may actually become brave enough to listen to their consciences and their constituents. Mitch McConnell realizes that. It is why he is attempting to ram this legislation through to a vote before any misgivings can take root and before the Congressional recess in July gives voters at home a chance to express their opposition to their Senators.
If ever it was important to unleash a rapid response, it is now. Take action immediately. Before it is too late, contact everyone you know outside of Michigan to urge their Republican Senators to reject this unconscionable legislation The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, but it is a step forward. The Senate version of Trump Care is 10 steps backward.

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