What it means to be an American

To be an American to me means that I am free. That I may pick the job I want, what school to attend, which person I want to be with, what religion or non-religion I choose to practice, what team I want to root for, what food I want to eat.
It also means that I may say what ever I want and not have to worry about being in-prisoned or shot for my opinions. It also means I may say “The Pledge of Allegiance” and that I may vote for my candidate for any political office. We as Americans have to remember our roots as this country was founded immigrants. We also have to remember our history no matter how bloody it was. Statues and monuments are reflections of the history this country has endured and if we tear them down how we will remember not to repeat the same history. People think that by removing these symbols and reminders that we will forget and pretend it never happened. Instead we should embrace these reminders and remember those who fought for the freedoms we have now.
We as Americans live in the greatest Country in the world and our past is what made this country so great. We are free and it doesn’t matter the color of our skin, nor our religious beliefs because as Americans we all bleed red, white and blue. We as Americans may not support the person who is President but need to unite and support the Office of President as it is the office that keeps America united. The next time you are having dinner ask the question What does it truly mean to be an American? I asked this question to a 10yr old and the response I got was the following. “It means most of all to be free and to be proud that I live in the United States of America.” So the question I ask all of you is when was the last time you were proud to be an American?

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