College and School Boards Rule

Great move by the University of North Carolina Policy-Making Board concerning the Litigation Ban. It is about time officials take our colleges and schools back from these lawyers and mobs that seem to want it free or their way. An example of these people/protesters threating chanting phrases “IF WE DON’T GET NO JUSTICE (‘THEIR WAY), THEN YOU DON’T GET NO PEACE.” Followed by their representatives disrespectful and unprofessional yelling a t College Board Members. Like every other good program started it is ruin by a hand full and their rights bull.

Outsiders should not be interfering with our University Boards and trying to tell them how to operate their education facilities because of some wimps that aren’t getting their way over students that are working hard rather than spending their time protesting.

These students that have pushed for the removal of history on campuses, held sit-ins that grew violent like the one in Charlotteville, Va. just shows their ignorance and how they have been mislead while growing up.

All colleges and schools should have laws and rules which students, staff and all employees must go by or get sent home, since they aren’t interested in a education and are only hindering those who want to better themselves.

A few simple college rules would eliminate many problems before the start:

Rule # 1: Welcome all students who came seeking and education to better themselves and America.

Rule # 2: If you did not come for Rule # 1 then go home as we do not allow trouble makers and division at our place of education which is for all that want to better themselves and America.

Rule # 3: In addition, anyone not a student, staff or college employee is trespassing if not properly signed in and will be arrested immediately for suggesting or promoting anything negative on campus property, including the media..

OOPS, before I can get this printed here is 12 more students and a so called professor that is suppose to be leading and teaching our kids to be good responsible and respected Americans to delete history along with their New York-based law firm.

The 12 students should go back and read Rule # 2 above and this so called professor should go back and read Rule # 3 above.

Wake up America, sue anyone trying to delete history and for you afraid of “SILENT SAM”, he has lock jaw and will not bite you and you and your professor should take math or some other subject that want scare you like your history class evidently has..


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