For the last several months I’ve wondered how Americans ever elected Donald Trump as President.  Here a man who supports an accused pedophile,  says things on tape, admits to them, then states that he never made those statements.  A president who stated he would serve ALL people then works for the wealthy 1%.   In my […]

The Gun is not your friend, but my Insurance

With all the gun violence, let’s face it, we will all be shot sooner then later. The only way to break the anxiety of when, who will pay my hospitalization or burial? Is it asking too much to have a yearly fee on gun registration, paid by gun owners, for our healthcare and death. 50 […]

We Cannot Stand Among Nations on Our Knees

I am not pleased with the NFL nor the response of NFL owners and coaches. I am not against their ‘right’ to protest. I may agree with them what they are protesting. Just not at that time, that place, in that manner. For me it is about time, place, and respect. It is only for […]

College and School Boards Rule

Great move by the University of North Carolina Policy-Making Board concerning the Litigation Ban. It is about time officials take our colleges and schools back from these lawyers and mobs that seem to want it free or their way. An example of these people/protesters threating chanting phrases “IF WE DON’T GET NO JUSTICE (‘THEIR WAY), […]

Bail Reform Needed

August 26, 2017 To the Editor: I am pleased to see the NY Times and other media describe how the for-profit bail-bond industry profits at the expense of incarcerated persons. The bail-bond industry is fighting for its life because, more and more, research, practice, and legal decisions have shown how inadequate, corruptible and inhuman the […]

What it means to be an American

To be an American to me means that I am free. That I may pick the job I want, what school to attend, which person I want to be with, what religion or non-religion I choose to practice, what team I want to root for, what food I want to eat. It also means that […]

Climate change is not biblical

Regarding the climate change panic that seems to have struck fear into so many people, this is an encouragement to followers of Christ. Don’t get sucked in. Climate change and Christianity do not mix, it’s a fear promoted by atheists. Here’s why. Scripture tells us how the world will end, and it is not by […]

Girls helplesness

A girl is alone in any situation if she is with parents, friends, or relatives….its a common fact that girls born to be alone,unsupported,and helpless,the purpose of this letter to show that here if a girl raise her voice for her rights or make decision for herself then all relation/relatives leave her in that hard […]

cheating in Balochistan

I want to draw government attention towards a very disturbing issue that seems to be ordinary, but is actually quite disastrous for society as a who. Anyhow it has been observed that in Baluchistan the majority of cheating become to the masses in every educational institution of Baluchistan instead of, actually examiners are helping the […]

Full Disclosure

Page 2B of the Sunday Pioneer Press contained a piece titled “Third man guilty in big meth case”. In the interest of full disclosure please provide the immigration status of the three men identified in the article. I’m sure that information was determined when they were arrested.

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