Hunt Prairie Dogs? !!

Reader Scott Citron might have overlooked a point in his May 4, 2017 letter to the editor criticizing Donald Trump Jr.’s prairie dog hunt. Prairie dogs and ranchers/farmers have a long and convoluted history. Populations increased long ago when farming and grazing became widespread in their range: besides providing new food sources, these activities keep […]

Nature Stewardship vs Development on Cumberland Island

Starting in the 1880’s, the Carnegie family bought land on Cumberland Island ultimately owning approximately 90% of the island. In 1930, the Candler family bought the Cumberland Island Club and additional surrounding land. Both families have worked diligently to maintain most of the island in its natural pristine state. With the dissolution of the Carnegie […]

Congressman Matt Gaetz

The U.S. Constitution gives us, as citizens of this great country, the right to establish contact and correspond with our elected officials. When we diligently exercise our right to do this, but the elected official scoffs at his/her constituents by repeatedly ignoring their attempts, the process is hampered. Such is the case with my attempts […]

Flying Monkeys

It is not to early to consider where to hold the first, Nuremberg style trials in the United States. The violent Munchkins of the new administrative OZ have morphed into Flying Monkeys whose only desire is to conquer and destroy. However, as their hero has ordained we can expect new highways. The revolution begins when […]


I support entirely Pres.Trump’s proposal to build a WALL along the US-Mexican border. Israel has buılt a great WALL years ago that has successfully stemmed the infiltration of Palestinians into Israel. Now Turkey who at first admitted nearly 3 million Syrians is building a 911 kilometers wall along its Syrian border citing security. So what […]

Don’t throw stones Mr. Zima

Guy Zima should not “cast the first stone.” He should also remember that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Mr. Zima should NOT be asking for Mayor Schmitt to resign. Mr. Zima should remember his own indiscretion’s. Does anyone remember his Nuremberg comment to Patrick Buckley? How about Mr. Zima’s burglary charge […]

Election tampering?

I watched NYT’s “Live Presidential Forecast” all evening. As I saw Clinton’s probability of winning fall from 80% to 20% I had the sinking feeling that the election truly is rigged. I hope our Homeland Security Department investigates all internet activity associated with collection and transmission of election results for any sign of unfriendly fingerprints.

whatever happened to unbiased reporting?

Dear Sir: Today I was disappointed to hear you endorsed a political candidate. I expect the media to report an unbiased account of the news. Now I will have to “run, not walk” to another media to get the news I expect. Shame on you.

Dallas Morning News Endorsing a Candidate without Trustworthy Character

RE: Dallas Morning News endorsement of Hilary Clinton. This is rich! A newspaper that is presumably about digging out the truth and reporting it, instead endorsing a known liar, a person who used her high office for personal gain (most would call this corruption) and a politician who handles classified material carelessly (by the FBI directors […]

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