Remember the Past; We Get Stronger Together

We are a proud people and our ancestors, black, white, Indian, etc., died so that we could journey on.

To The Editor: As Americans, we look back, embrace our many blessings, and learn from our mistakes. Our history is who we are and it has made American the greatest country in the world! Our history is what it is! Not possible to rewrite it, we can’t alter it, but documentation can be destroyed. Would […]

Only Republicans Want Puerto Rican Statehood

Only Republicans Want Puerto Rican Statehood

To the Editor: On Monday, Dec. 2, the Tampa Tribune published an article entitled: “Puerto Ricans want equality”. It features a recently arrived PR attorney now living in Orlando like so many other countrymen and women. Attorney Iara Rodriguez moved to Florida purportedly because in PR she could not vote for her hero, Barack Obama, […]

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