Everybody Face It: Obama is the Problem

Everybody Face It: Obama is the Problem

To the Editor: The only problem in the world today is Obama. How can a guy repeatedly go on TV and criticize Syria for killing 400 children with chemical weapons while he has been practicing the same thing for years: •Obama has and still is for the killing of unborn and living children (out of […]

How Ohio Penalizes Public Employees

When Gov. Kasich wanted to do away with collective bargaining with the unions for all public employees the unions pulled together to defeat this bill. Why can’t these same unions rally to have this law repealed?

Nuns Use Billboards to Support Immigrants

To the Editor: The article, Nuns add voices to immigration debate, lists the communities of women religious who support the billboards and who have headquarters in the Greater Cincinnati area. Two other communities, The Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of St. Joseph also contributed to this project. While these two groups do not have […]