Its Coming To a Backyard Near You in Pennsylvania

We are not anti-pipeline activists, and wanted to deal fairly with Sunoco; they chose not to. We feel like we were targeted because they knew we had too much to lose. This is a "Whole Different Ballgame."

Its Coming To a Backyard Near You in Pennsylvania

SJB_Lab-KMC15032707420Large Transmission Pipeline Intrusion: Its Coming to a Backyard Near You in Pennsylvania! I would like to elaborate a bit on the situation since myth and misconception abound concerning pipelines right now. I have been forced to do my share of research and have had to deal with first hand experience from Sunoco Logistics quickly […]

Of Iran and Oil

To the Editor: Among the few countries that have a substantial influence over the prices of crude oil and natural gas, Iran is probably the most feared by the international community due to its strategic, geographic and geopolitical position in the Middle East and Central Asia. Regularly coming into economic conflict with the United States […]

Copenhagen Can Open New Era of Clean and Economical Energies

To the Editor: Highly paid government bureaucrats will be descending in masses on Copenhagen in December of 2009. They all have instructions to defend the status quo and make sure that the world will follow the outdated and ineffective recommendations and provisions of the ill conceived Kyoto Protocol.Only a few, if any, officials have any […]

2012 – End of the World?

To the Editor: In 2012 the end of the world is nigh. Just before Christmas 2012, apparently. It’s that time of the decade once again, we’re overdue a fresh round of global wipeout. And who says so? The Mayans, by all accounts. An ancient civilization that occupied large tracts of Central America, from around 1800BC […]

Natural Disasters Contingency Planning

To the Editor: We have recurring natural disasters, seasonal in their patterns, just like the floods in the monsoon season.  That’s when things could  go wrong with damages to structures, property, and even loss of life.  With natural disasters intensifying to greater scale and their destructive force getting worse, there’s a dire need to ensure […]