Remove LGBT Flag from City Hall

If not, then the precedent is set for other groups to make the same request.

To the Editor: One nation and one state. We are one people and one country under our two flags. The United States flag and the State of Nevada flags should be the only flags flown on our public buildings. The decision to allow the LGBT flag to be flown at City Hall is a betrayal to […]

Shame on Arkansas for Shutting Down Services

We have such a wonderful community…what a shame.

To the Editor: The Arkansas Department of Health announced it will begin the process of shutting down their In-Home Services Department (Home Health). ADH Home Health has been a “safety net” in our community for the elderly, young mothers/infants, and patients with no source of payment. Our community has several excellent Private Sector Home Health […]

I Can’t Stop Hating Memphis Cop Killer

The media lives on sensationalism and gives the public a false impression.

I Can’t Stop Hating Memphis Cop Killer

To the Editor: As I write this letter regarding the ruthless murder of a Memphis Police Department officer and former U.S. Marine Sean Bolton, I shed a tear, as I envision his superior officer having to inform his family of his death. As a former member of the 82nd Airborne, with 19 jumps, I grieve […]

You Can’t Sit Idle on Abortion Videos

What kind of president and government sits idle and will not comment while these atrocities are conducted?

You Can’t Sit Idle on Abortion Videos

To the Editor: What kind of society condones the auctioning of baby parts as an acceptable practice and questions the methods of investigators who expose the practice? What kind of doctor uses their God-given talents to devise the “cleanest” way to kill unborn child while preserving the most valuable organs/tissues? What kind of president and […]

Thanks to the Meuse, Dr. Seuss

To the Editor: On Discovering “What Pet Should I Get?” Was it really in a box? Behind the sheets, under the socks? I do not think it very fair That Dr. Seuss just left it there. He, should not , would not, have done that While writing books like “Cat In Hat” Or Grinches waiting […]

To Atheists: Maybe You Should Try Prayer

It has been well documented that, believers who pray for help and guidance have improved health.

Re: Paradox of Prayer (Feb/Mar AARP Magazione). You weren’t “sermonizing,” but simply reporting the facts as they are. Angry responses from those who identify as atheists were unfortunate. The insanity of political correctness, wherein people need to be shielded from opinions they disagree with, belongs to our grandchildren’s generation, not to us who are older, and […]

$15 an Hour: Stop Caving in To Labor!

We will create another class of workers who feel entitled to entrenchment.

To the Editor: The proposed increase of restaurant workers’ wages to $15 an hour will do nothing more than create a barrier to upward job mobility. Such employment should be nothing more than a stop on one’s job progression or career, or as most of these jobs are, part-time. Yet now we will create another […]

Remember the Past; We Get Stronger Together

We are a proud people and our ancestors, black, white, Indian, etc., died so that we could journey on.

To The Editor: As Americans, we look back, embrace our many blessings, and learn from our mistakes. Our history is who we are and it has made American the greatest country in the world! Our history is what it is! Not possible to rewrite it, we can’t alter it, but documentation can be destroyed. Would […]

When Your Dad is Darth Vader

Gotta feel for Luke. Dad is Darth Vader and sister has a public thing for droids.

When Your Dad is Darth Vader

Gotta feel for Luke. Dad is Darth Vader and sister has a public thing for droids.

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