Next Up for Congress’ Broken Promises: Immigration

Next Up for Congress’ Broken Promises: Immigration

To the Editor: When Congress was debating Obamacare in 2009, we heard a lot of promises from Members of Congress about what the bill would do. Congress routinely promised us that Obamacare would provide universal health care coverage, while simultaneously creating jobs, benefitting the economy, and driving the cost of health insurance down. They further […]

We Must Stop Coddling Illegal Aliens

We as a country need to stop coddling these illegal aliens and stop making instant citizens of their children. This of course will not stop them from crossing the borders but measures such as removing incentives for the illegal crossings would make these illegals think again before coming into this country illegally.

Nuns Use Billboards to Support Immigrants

To the Editor: The article, Nuns add voices to immigration debate, lists the communities of women religious who support the billboards and who have headquarters in the Greater Cincinnati area. Two other communities, The Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of St. Joseph also contributed to this project. While these two groups do not have […]