To Atheists: Maybe You Should Try Prayer

It has been well documented that, believers who pray for help and guidance have improved health.

Re: Paradox of Prayer (Feb/Mar AARP Magazione). You weren’t “sermonizing,” but simply reporting the facts as they are. Angry responses from those who identify as atheists were unfortunate. The insanity of political correctness, wherein people need to be shielded from opinions they disagree with, belongs to our grandchildren’s generation, not to us who are older, and […]

Celibacy for Priests: Not for Financial Reasons

To the Editor: Responding to the article by Bill Keller, “Sex and the Single Priest”, and the letters that followed, one point was missed. Celibacy in the Latin Church did not come about because of financial considerations. Having researched this topic, it became evident to me that the rise of celibacy in the West started […]

Disgusting to Compare Pope to Jiminy Cricket

Disgusting to Compare Pope to Jiminy Cricket

To the Editor: It was interesting to me that Kathleen Parker  in the Daily Herald of suburban Chicago satirically ridiculed Pope Francis as being like Jiminey Cricket in her oped column while Rush Limbaugh was gently chided for not taking the Pope’s words in ‘context’. To characterize Pope Francis as a Disney Jiminy Cricket with “twinkling eyes […]