Election 2012: More than just a President

We are already locked in under Obama for another 2 1/2 years. The new Supreme Court Justice nominee has been grilled and her confirmation is just about certain. Luckily she’s one of the good ones. Elena Kagan will be nominated no matter how many tantrums the Republicans throw out there. What we need to worry […]

Is the Right's Media Message Wrong?

Obama’s popularity ratings continue to plummet.  The passage of the health care and financial reform, which should have triggered celebration on the blue side of the aisle, don’t seem to be giving any up tick to the president’s PR position.  The BP spill, and the administration’s glacial reaction to it, hasn’t helped the President’s cause […]

Light Bulbs Were Just A Warning Sign

Even after it has passed I still get a lot of emails from readers dumbfounded readers who are in such disbelief that Congress was even trying to pass off on Americans even more socialized medicine than we already have.  They are so shocked that not only had Congress rammed this abridgement of our liberties down […]

Government Truth Squads?

They say that AP has put a team of “truth squad geeks” on Sarah Palin’s new book. She’s not the “insider type” and definitely not liberal so she must be dealt with and quickly. The Senate agreed to debate the health care bill and Senator Mary from Louisiana has been promised $300,000,000.00 for her vote. […]

The National Debt

On November 3rd 2009 the National Debt reached 12 Trillion Dollars. As I tried to grasp this number and get an understanding of it, I could not. I then decided to reduced the numbers down to something that I could understand. The average household income for 2008 was $50,303 so I decided to see what […]

2012 Apocalypse?: Predictions and Prophecies

One day our world will end, a coming apocalypse, but it will not be on December 21, 2012? In The Movie 2012, state December 21, 2012 is the day. I do like that the movie 2012 does get you to think about the possibilities of the end of the world happening soon, but do we […]

Sarah Palin For President

Every 4 years we Americans get to witness the spectacle of the Presidential election.  2000 was a big one, 2004 was even bigger, and 2008 was the biggest ever.  So, does this mean that 2012 is going to be even bigger than 2008-of course.  I think my favorite part of what is to come in […]

A 2012 Generational Culture?

To the Editor: The Y2k phenomenon was a computer generated paranoia that came and went in a matter of 3-7 years. Those that compare 12.21.2012 to 01.01.2000 are missing the boat entirely. The 2012 phenomena is a 10,000 year concept at the least. More importantly, it’s not a left brain generated event; rather, it’s a […]