Why Kill a Bear Due to an Idiotic Human?

Usually when a black bear attacks you do not survive and are eaten.

Why Kill a Bear Due to an Idiotic Human?

To the Editor: Bears Lives Matter. I am writing in response to the senseless killing of a sow (female, mother) bear I am assuming by the Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries Department. Shame on you all! Although I do have sympathy for the miseducated lady that was attacked, you should always be aware of your […]

Romney Video Reaction: He’s Inhuman

I saw the video of his speech to his wealthy donors. I am one of the 47% he was talking about. I served in the U.S. Navy honorably. I worked most of my life, since I was 12 years old. They are not entitlements, I paid for them with payroll deductions, and service to my country.


I was leaving the laundrymat and a man approached my car on his cellphone all exited. He came right up to my passenger window and he could not contain his excitement saying, “I finally got my section 8 housing, now my family won’t have to go into a shelter! I am a hard worker and […]