Obama, Birth Eligibility, and Media Integrity

If there was some bit of ascertainable fact contained in an undisclosed official document that would unequivocally disqualify me from holding some public office, state or federal to which I had been elected, I could justly do one of two things. I could, either, publicly own up to the disqualifying fact and step down from […]

US failure in Afghanistan – A deception

Is it a fact that US forces are on defeat in Afghanistan? How some one can declare its defeat in a battle field? It is not tactically safe to talk publicly about weaknesses in the war. But the question is that why American military and political leadership is telling the story of their weak position […]

United States Of America Democracy Lost

That there is the problem. I address all of Capitol Hill with this information. Once again you have done a cowardly incompetent job for America. If the Democrats win they want to socialize America if the Republicans win corporate America wins. Either way which ever party wins the Amercian people lose. Neither party is a […]

Obama’s Socialist Health Care Plan-A Fraud for America

H.R. 3962, the health care reform bill being pushed through Capitol Hill, is nothing more than another fraudulent scheme of suspected Kenya-born Obama’s unconstitutional and un-American agenda to undermine the freedom, prosperity, health and natural rights of every American citizen. The health care reform that Obama wants to impose is a socialist system in which […]