Remember the Past; We Get Stronger Together

We are a proud people and our ancestors, black, white, Indian, etc., died so that we could journey on.

To The Editor: As Americans, we look back, embrace our many blessings, and learn from our mistakes. Our history is who we are and it has made American the greatest country in the world! Our history is what it is! Not possible to rewrite it, we can’t alter it, but documentation can be destroyed. Would […]

No Excuse for Poor Review of Bronze Exhibit

No Excuse for Poor Review of Bronze Exhibit

To the Editor: I was extremely disappointed by Ken Johnson’s December 20 New York Times review of the Western Bronze exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Johnson did not deal with the aesthetic qualities of the individual bronzes, nor did he give attention to why the Met would expend its curatorial energy, space, and resources […]

We Must Stop Coddling Illegal Aliens

We as a country need to stop coddling these illegal aliens and stop making instant citizens of their children. This of course will not stop them from crossing the borders but measures such as removing incentives for the illegal crossings would make these illegals think again before coming into this country illegally.

Democrats Showed How We Can Unite

Until we get back to the American values we grew up believing in, and put trust back in the government we all have created for the purpose of that more perfect union then we will continue to fight, hate each other and ruin the best experiment in democracy the world has ever known.

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