CERT Products

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) are in charge of educating people about disaster preparedness for hazards that occur all of a sudden. They educate people about how to survive when disaster strikes. Basic skills like light search and rescue, fire safety, disaster medical operations and team organization are taught to the people. The instructions are […]

Starting Off Right

Last week my wife and I, along with our daughter, welcomed into the world the newest edition to our family. Our son was born! Hallelujah! And while we were celebrating, members of the left were dismayed that another child had been born to a staunch, liberty loving American and that he would no doubt be […]

Now It Gets Ugly

From the White House to Wall Street, the public debate, the inside maneuvering, and the power politics is on the verge of being really ugly. Some of the most well respected economists are saying that this last week of October could be bad. How bad? Well, how does 500-800 points down on the DOW sound […]

A scary story – the public option?

Why is Congress so afraid of the public option as part of health reform? Why are politicians getting so worked up about a system that every other Western country already has, and which works so well in all of them? Why do they not want to extend Medicare, a widely supported and valuable system that […]

President Obama’s Green Initiative

Most of the world spends their days focusing on the automotive industry to answer all of their questions about green alternatives, cleaner fuels, renewable resources, and a better future for all inhabitants. As a collective whole, the country has really begun to make use of their old and ailing furniture and cabinetry during remodels and […]

The Challenge of Citizenship Empowerment

Local governments face a rapidly changing society, both in terms of speed and dimension. Some of today’s most striking issues are: (i) the economic restructuring as the former socialist industries collapsed; (ii) the impact that high rates of unemployment have on families and communities; (iii) the continuous growth of vulnerable groups, as division and differentiation […]

All Hail Janet Napolitano Secretary Of Homeland Security

There are those who will say that it isn’t poor little Janet’s fault that she can’t find her ample ass with four sets of eyes and three pair of hands. She has the damnable itch that just won’t go away, the itch being those quirky jihadists that are seemingly immune to every powder, cream, and […]

Did You Listen To What Obama Said

Did you listen to what Obama said during his campaign, or did you hear only one word “Change” because your about to get that change that you so desire, you about to learn exactly what he meant by change, and you my not like it. Five days before his inauguration he said, in just five […]

Religious Freedom at Stake

Nothing should scare this nation more than the fact that their religious freedom is at stake. Think it doesn’t matter; well religion whether you like it or not provides the only basis for human rights. Religion is the only reason for tolerance in this society. Most people have it backwards; in most religions especially Christianity […]

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