Full Disclosure

Page 2B of the Sunday Pioneer Press contained a piece titled “Third man guilty in big meth case”. In the interest of full disclosure please provide the immigration status of the three men identified in the article. I’m sure that information was determined when they were arrested.

Corrections to Lake Powell Article

Your May 19th article about Lake Powell carried the right message, but was filled with factual errors. It is the type of reporting that lets anti-global warming advocates and the anti-science crowd say the press keeps bending the facts. I recently visited Lake Powell and the rangers provided data quite different from the article.  The  accurate […]

Best Mandela Piece Came From Hamill

Best Mandela Piece Came From Hamill

Dear Editors, Denis Hamill’s article in the New York Daily News about the pride of FNB stadium cleaning workers in preparing the stadium for theMandela memorial is the most moving piece I have read about Mandela’s impact. The way one of his interviewees describes his work that day is especially telling: “This is housekeeping for history.” Congratulations, […]