Sleepless And Tired East Clobbered By Perfect Storm Of S A D

The sleepless and tired victims of the 2009 and 2010 winter are now suffering the psychological effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). President Barrack Obama has declared the region affected by the “perfect storm” a disaster area and has promised the release of billions of dollars in federal assistance programs. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton […]


CNN television host Lou Dobbs, who literally lives on land stolen from Mexicans by “illegal” Anglo settlers and their U.S. government, deliberately hammers home the term “illegal” over and over and over again.  Such self-aggrandizing demagoguery dehumanizes hard-working God-fearing men and women, whose only “crime” is trying to feed their hungry families.  Now, several right-wing […]

Chinese fear raises questions

The Chinese have mixed stance about war on terror in Southeast Asia. On one hand, they welcome the suppression of terrorist activities and havens in this region, which is economically important to China. On the other hand, China worries that the USA will take advantage of Counter Terrorism engagement with Southeast Asia to attempt to […]