Tea Party Trouble!

The press is clueless about the Tea party! I wonder if even the Tea Partiers know what’s in the air, what’s in the water that they have been drinking, or who’s gotten inside their head. The press blathers back and forth with questions like who does the Tea Party help the most, Republicans or Democrats? […]

Chicago Does D.C

The Obama White House is plotting a political strategy similar to that of ex-President Richard Nixon and may be on the verge of preparing its own “enemies list.”

A 2012 Generational Culture?

To the Editor: The Y2k phenomenon was a computer generated paranoia that came and went in a matter of 3-7 years. Those that compare 12.21.2012 to 01.01.2000 are missing the boat entirely. The 2012 phenomena is a 10,000 year concept at the least. More importantly, it’s not a left brain generated event; rather, it’s a […]