Have the People Disappointed the President?

Have the People Disappointed the President?

To the Editor: Barack Obama came into the spotlight like a tornado but instead of promising destruction he wafted through with hope and change and he did it with kindness, honesty and forthrightness plus he humbly asked for help with his mission. Therein lays the dilemma that the people did not follow his example choosing […]

Obama and the Un-fooled Dissident Few

It is an established historical fact, one that was quipped frequently and sardonically by Abraham Lincoln in his years as a lawyer, that it is entirely possible to fool quite a few people some of the time, but an impossibility to fool all the people all the time, especially an informed segment of a republic’s […]

George Bush Gives A Speech Barack Obama Style

Every President has a unique style of speaking and dealing with issues. Barack Obama recently gave his first State of the Union address. In listening to him speak about all the problems the country faces in 2010, it brought to mind the early days of the presidency of George Bush and his early speeches when […]

Health Insurance Companies Switch Support To Republicans

Health Insurance Companies Switch Support To Republicans

To the Editor: For the 2010 election season, industries have ramped up their political campaign contributions–hoping to also ramp up their influence. This year, lobbying group America’s Health Insurance Plans, as well as the five largest health insurance companies, have given three times as much money to Republican candidates for the Senate and the House […]

Why Oh Why Is President Obama Bankrupting US?

To President Obama bankrupting America fits into his plan to grow the size of government and thus make more people dependent on the state. Obama’s first Chief of Staff was Rahm Emanuel (he resigned 10/1/2010).  In addition to having an abrasive personality and a foul mouth, he will probably be remembered most for saying, “A […]

Hugo Chavez & Barack Obama

I never thought I’d see the day Hugo Chavez would become the dictator of Venezuela. I was in Maracay, Venezuela in 1991-92 when Chavez led a revolution and was jailed. Today he’s one of the most popular DICTATORS in South America. Everyone who has disagreed with him has been run out of town or shut […]


By G. Hugh Bodell I spent the better part of my professional life understanding and improving on operational processes in the financial services industry.  When a process appeared too complex or confusing close up, we had a standard phrase, “Step back and look down on it as if you were 10,000 feet above it.” The […]

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