Sleepless And Tired East Clobbered By Perfect Storm Of S A D

The sleepless and tired victims of the 2009 and 2010 winter are now suffering the psychological effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). President Barrack Obama has declared the region affected by the “perfect storm” a disaster area and has promised the release of billions of dollars in federal assistance programs. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton […]

Going for Change

When Barrack Obama was elected president things the way we see it has changed for good. What people are trying to grasp as statements without proof regarding the clear obstruction on racism has become tangible by giving the presidential seat to an African American. This time another issue arises in the United States as the […]

Barack Obama is not Hitler

To the Editor: I will get right to the point; Barack Obama is not Hitler: from the former, who may or may not be educated, such a comparison originates from a misunderstanding of Obama’s fundamental concept of “change”, from the latter, such a comparison originates from a limited fundamental knowledge of history and its uses. […]