Is the Right's Media Message Wrong?

Obama’s popularity ratings continue to plummet.  The passage of the health care and financial reform, which should have triggered celebration on the blue side of the aisle, don’t seem to be giving any up tick to the president’s PR position.  The BP spill, and the administration’s glacial reaction to it, hasn’t helped the President’s cause […]

Is Glenn Beck The Great Conservative Hope?

Talk radio and television host Glenn Beck has rocketed up several lists over the past couple years.  The first list is the one kept by conservatives and reflects people that they most identify with and who reflect their views.  By my count Beck is perhaps second only to Rush Limbaugh on this list.  The second […]

Big Government Explained – How to Pay For It?

To the Editor: On September 12, 2009, the Washington Post ran an article entitled, “Anti-Government Demonstration Draws Tens of Thousands to D.C.” According to the article, thousands of demonstrators are rallying against growing government and over-taxation. What does “Big Government” and “Over-Taxation” even mean? If Jay Leno was to ask somebody on the street what […]