What it means to be an American

To be an American to me means that I am free. That I may pick the job I want, what school to attend, which person I want to be with, what religion or non-religion I choose to practice, what team I want to root for, what food I want to eat. It also means that […]

Thanks to the Meuse, Dr. Seuss

To the Editor: On Discovering “What Pet Should I Get?” Was it really in a box? Behind the sheets, under the socks? I do not think it very fair That Dr. Seuss just left it there. He, should not , would not, have done that While writing books like “Cat In Hat” Or Grinches waiting […]

How Government Aid is a Solid Investment

I sincerely believe government assistance in this and many other cases was not a handout but a solid investment in Americans who went on to contribute hugely and who paid forward the support received during the Great Depression.