I Am An Idiot Because .

Ok, I am going to have some fun this week. To accomplish this fun I am going to list for you, my readers, many of the reasons liberals think that I am an idiot. The way this is going to work is simple. I am just going to go through my email from the last […]

Time for Obama to listen to saner voices

  The same old question continues to haunt Obama as was before him when he assumed office in January? should he continue the course charted by his predecessor, which has caused great damage to his country and drawing it further into the sinkhole; or deliver on the promise of hope and change he made not […]

After 1 Year, Obama vs. Reagan

As we approached the end of the year, we are also approached the end of President Obama’s first year in office. You might be wondering how he is doing, based on actual numbers (rather than political spin). Obama clearly inherited a difficult situation economically. Only two others in the modern era came even remotely close. […]

US presses for more economic sanctions

The Bush administration announced its intentions to increase the ongoing pressures on the Islamic government in Iran. US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, said the new sanctions include severance of all financial ties with three of Iran’s largest state-run banks, the Revolutionary Guard Corps and its Quds force and a host of other institutions related […]

How Much is a Billion Dollars?

To the Editor: How much is one billion dollars? On the other hand, even a bigger question, how much is one trillion dollars? We hear on the news every day our government is spending a billion dollars here and a billion dollars there. Most of us have grown numb to hearing those large amounts so […]