Medicare question

Several months ago, I was admitted to a local hospital. I had been (I thought) an inpatient for 4 days before my doctor scheduled a surgery. Imagine my surprise when someone from the business office came into my room with admission papers. I have been aware of the ‘observation’ issue for years but I was […]

Is Pro-Business really Pro-Employment?

Is Pro-Business really Pro-Employment?

It seems to be accepted matter of fact that to be pro-business is to be pro-employment; and that Republican administrations promote pro-business legislation more strongly than Democratic ones. A one page add put out by “A Critical Choice for America PAC” provides a typical example. But is this “common wisdom” true? The U.S. Bureau of […]

Why Demand, Not Business, Creates Jobs

The one thing that can make hiring happen is customers. It is market demand, not big business, that creates employment. Business only fills out the forms and decides whether a paycheck will go to a worker in the United States or to one in Guam. Business creates jobs like a windmill creates wind.