An Open Letter to Trump Supporters in Indiana:

An Open Letter to Trump Supporters in Indiana: Many are saying that it frankly doesn’t matter to you what is true and what is not about your candidate or anybody else. Maybe it’s because you think it is impossible to sort through all the information and misinformation to know which is which. I’m with you […]

Newspaper Exposed Trump’s Decision Making

This reflects Mr. Trump's decision making philosophy and his ability to process and learn from diverse opinions.

Newspaper Exposed Trump’s Decision Making

To the Editor: In response to the Trump Editorial and his response; I believe that rather than having an emotional response to an emotional reaction, that we should look to the core of the action here. A newspaper has the right and responsibility to report the news and to offer ( in its editorials) opinions […]

Is the Right's Media Message Wrong?

Obama’s popularity ratings continue to plummet.  The passage of the health care and financial reform, which should have triggered celebration on the blue side of the aisle, don’t seem to be giving any up tick to the president’s PR position.  The BP spill, and the administration’s glacial reaction to it, hasn’t helped the President’s cause […]

Obama, Birth Eligibility, and Media Integrity

If there was some bit of ascertainable fact contained in an undisclosed official document that would unequivocally disqualify me from holding some public office, state or federal to which I had been elected, I could justly do one of two things. I could, either, publicly own up to the disqualifying fact and step down from […]

Light Bulbs Were Just A Warning Sign

Even after it has passed I still get a lot of emails from readers dumbfounded readers who are in such disbelief that Congress was even trying to pass off on Americans even more socialized medicine than we already have.  They are so shocked that not only had Congress rammed this abridgement of our liberties down […]

Fundraising By Thom Collier Demonstrates A Truly Grassroots Campaign

Thom Collier has proven that his campaign is truly “grassroots” by raising over $100,000 in his bid to become the Republican nominee for State Senate.  Collier is also the first candidate in the race to cross the $100,000 milestone. Thom Collier has out-raised all three of his opponents COMBINED in the first 12 month period.  […]

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