Finding Capitol Hill Jobs is Too Easy

How do you find congressional jobs? Simple. Contact your home representative’s DC office and ask for a meeting with the Chief of Staff. It doesn’t matter what party it is… well, it sort of does. Your only concern right now is meeting this person or the represenative if you’re lucky. The point is to make […]

United States Of America Democracy Lost

That there is the problem. I address all of Capitol Hill with this information. Once again you have done a cowardly incompetent job for America. If the Democrats win they want to socialize America if the Republicans win corporate America wins. Either way which ever party wins the Amercian people lose. Neither party is a […]

Rep. Foster Continues to Reject Automatic Pay Raise for Members of Congress

Today, after working to block automatic Congressional pay raises in the past, Rep. Bill Foster (IL-14) announced his support for bipartisan legislation that would block the next automatic pay raise for Members of Congress. “With unemployment numbers hovering around 10 percent in the 14th District, and with families losing their homes and their health insurance […]