Sindh The new epicenter of global instability

Sindh has always been a fertile and rich country. For thousands of years, it had maintained trade links with other countries, some of them in far-flung regions of the world. Historians have found evidence that ships carrying merchandise from Sindh regularly called at the ports of Egypt, Java, China and Sri Lanka. From these countries, […]

Us China Relations

The growing Chinese economic power is a reality one can not deny. China is said to be the world giant economy and a Super power in following years. According to The Economist report, in year 2010 China will appear with a strong voice in International community. As a Super power United States has a natural […]

Illogical blame game

People who study current affairs and history can tell us that seldom it is heard that China blamed any nation or super power to interfere in its national affairs. But it is a reality that China too blames other nations but their way of complaining is very straight, decent and effective. Still we remember that […]

Collective Action for Disaster Management

It’s befitting that the issue of disaster management was highlighted at the recent 35th UNESCO general conference in Paris since it served as one ideal platform to remind the world community of the challenges which natural disasters posed and the consequences of inaction. It’s noteworthy that the Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak  […]

Camp FEMA: Obama’s Answer To Freedom

When I first heard it, I thought oh god another one of those big overboard conspiracy’s, another American has gone nuts, but if you go out to the net and begin to look in to it, you really have to wonder if it’s not true on some level. First we have Obama wanting to train […]

Culture and Technology should be communicated between the USA and China

November 16, 2009, Barack Obama, the President of the United States, had a conversation with China youth in Shanghai, the most prosperous city in China. The attended people include youth at the conversation spot, youth on the Internet even the all the Chinese people. Meanwhile, the conversation between the President, from the most powerful country […]

India an accommodating nation

India may seem to be a devil to us but the reality is that the world is not afraid of India’s ambitions. For decades we have made great efforts to portray India as a usurper of the rights of Kashmiri people but India was smart enough to persuade the world about our intervention in Kashmir. […]

Replacing Kyoto with an Universally Acceptable Treaty

The Copenhagen Climate Conference of 2009 was doomed to failure before it ever began. The division between the major polluters and the rest of the world was just too wide. Even the two largest polluters, the USA and China, could not agree with each other.In hindsight, it is good news that the meeting failed. The […]

National unity, reconciliation and Kerri – Lugar Bill

The language of KLB has become a challenge for Pakistani politics and economics. The text of the bill has been released even before the formal bill passing procedure. This deliberate or accidental act of America creates doubts that may be it could be an attempt to create misunderstanding among Pakistani government, political parties and the […]