Keynesian Stimulus Can Be Effective

Perhaps a more accurate conclusion is that “trickle down’ has never been tried. Every time we’ve been told it was being used, those telling us so were actually loading up a pig trough full of Keyensian spending increases.

Agony of Deficits

Agony of Deficits

To the Editor: We hear about the problems of U.S. government debt and deficits all the time. In an election year, politicians make claims about how they will work to solve these problems while keeping benefits in place and leaving taxes low. In reality, solving the budget deficit will require painful tradeoffs that are politically […]

A New Economic Model

The United States government will be borrowing nearly 50 cents out of every dollar it intends to spend, already exploding the record on federal deficit over $1.8 trillion additional dollars, in the upcoming fiscal year. Based on reports released Monday, federal government plans on adding upwards of $89 billion to to the 2009 red ink […]