Climate change is not biblical

Regarding the climate change panic that seems to have struck fear into so many people, this is an encouragement to followers of Christ. Don’t get sucked in. Climate change and Christianity do not mix, it’s a fear promoted by atheists. Here’s why. Scripture tells us how the world will end, and it is not by […]

Girls helplesness

A girl is alone in any situation if she is with parents, friends, or relatives….its a common fact that girls born to be alone,unsupported,and helpless,the purpose of this letter to show that here if a girl raise her voice for her rights or make decision for herself then all relation/relatives leave her in that hard […]

cheating in Balochistan

I want to draw government attention towards a very disturbing issue that seems to be ordinary, but is actually quite disastrous for society as a who. Anyhow it has been observed that in Baluchistan the majority of cheating become to the masses in every educational institution of Baluchistan instead of, actually examiners are helping the […]

Dallas Morning News Endorsing a Candidate without Trustworthy Character

RE: Dallas Morning News endorsement of Hilary Clinton. This is rich! A newspaper that is presumably about digging out the truth and reporting it, instead endorsing a known liar, a person who used her high office for personal gain (most would call this corruption) and a politician who handles classified material carelessly (by the FBI directors […]


Based on the Democratic campaign chatter, they appear to think the success of your Economic Development Policy is determined by the number of tax abatements you grant. In fact, every dollar of relief given to a friendly developer results in a special tax on all taxpayers in town to make up for it. In effect, […]

Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

I only feel that homosexuals are being discriminated against every day.

Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

Dear Editor, A civil right is, “the rights that every person should have regardless of his or her sex, race, or religion.” By denying homosexuals the right to marry, aren’t we in fact saying they are not people? Same-sex marriage should be legal nationally, because this should be a civil right, that could have several […]

Disgusting to Compare Pope to Jiminy Cricket

Disgusting to Compare Pope to Jiminy Cricket

To the Editor: It was interesting to me that Kathleen Parker  in the Daily Herald of suburban Chicago satirically ridiculed Pope Francis as being like Jiminey Cricket in her oped column while Rush Limbaugh was gently chided for not taking the Pope’s words in ‘context’. To characterize Pope Francis as a Disney Jiminy Cricket with “twinkling eyes […]