Is Glenn Beck The Great Conservative Hope?

Talk radio and television host Glenn Beck has rocketed up several lists over the past couple years.  The first list is the one kept by conservatives and reflects people that they most identify with and who reflect their views.  By my count Beck is perhaps second only to Rush Limbaugh on this list.  The second […]

K Street, Where Democracy is Always For Sale

“Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.” Napoleon Bonaparte America is considered to have the best democracy money can buy, and for the last twenty five years, The Centre for Responsive Politics has been monitoring and tracking the money flow of US politicians. It is a not for profit […]

Economic Crisis, How Will It Affect You?

First let me say I’m no expert. I’m just an average person trying to make a living, enjoy life with my family, but it is my perspective. Many good people can agree or disagree on this topic without being disagreeable.