Agony of Deficits

Agony of Deficits

To the Editor: We hear about the problems of U.S. government debt and deficits all the time. In an election year, politicians make claims about how they will work to solve these problems while keeping benefits in place and leaving taxes low. In reality, solving the budget deficit will require painful tradeoffs that are politically […]

The National Debt

On November 3rd 2009 the National Debt reached 12 Trillion Dollars. As I tried to grasp this number and get an understanding of it, I could not. I then decided to reduced the numbers down to something that I could understand. The average household income for 2008 was $50,303 so I decided to see what […]

War and good governance can’t go together

Governance means to minimize the political, social and economical shortcomings of a state by the proper utilization of government machinery, civil society, media and market. If the mandatory objectives are achieved successfully, it is called good governance. But normally common people define good governance as excellent performance of the administrative bodies of the state. Common […]

Very Little Interest in Science

Only three of the nine Costa Rican presidential candidates attended a debate on what is considered the biggest national challenge in science and technology:  Increasing investment in research and development to 1% of gross domestic product (GDP). The activity was organized by the National Council for Scientific Research and Technology (CONICIT).  The candidates were made […]