Pet Ownership and the Vancouver Condo Market

This article is a look at some interesting statistics about renting a strata unit in Vancouver as a pet owner and a look at why buying might make more sense in this market. Renting a condo in Vancouver with a pet Following are some statistics taken from the SPCA’s power point presentation to stakeholders available […]

Replacing Kyoto with an Universally Acceptable Treaty

The Copenhagen Climate Conference of 2009 was doomed to failure before it ever began. The division between the major polluters and the rest of the world was just too wide. Even the two largest polluters, the USA and China, could not agree with each other.In hindsight, it is good news that the meeting failed. The […]

2009 Year Review – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly From The American Political Class

Throughout 2009, while the country and it’s citizens were facing a terrible economy, foreign wars, extreme Congressional partisanship and sniping, no improvements in the major issues facing this country such as the soaring national debt, high unemployment, failing public schools, wide spread drug addiction problems, rising health care costs, and other major issues, what were […]

Fox News isn’t news

Bottom line is that Fox News is in for a very rough 2008. And the umbrella reason for that is quite simple: Eight years ago the all-news cable channel went all-in on the presidency of George Bush and became a broadcast partner with the White House. Proof of that was on display Sunday night, January […]

Should You Read Good News?

To the Editor: These days, we are bombarded with bad news by the mainstream media. We can scarcely open a newspaper or turn on the TV without being faced with the latest “scare-story” about swine flu, or another bank failure, or another trillion-dollars added to the national budget’s deficit. Reports giving dire warning of bad […]